Does my outfit match my bag?? Be honest!

  1. Hey guys, I need your honest opinions. Today I'm going into Manhattan (to see John Mayer ahhh!!) and I know what I'm wearing but I don't know if I should use a damier pochette. I have on black pants, a grey low cut sweater with a dark pink shirt showing from under it. Do you think damier would match this? When I look at it all together of course I think it matches cuz it's LV! Having a black epi peice would be really helpful right now. So what do you think?
  2. What other bags do you have to choose from?
  3. I would probably go with something else if you have something else, but it's not like it's glaring or bad. I mean, like you said, it's LV! Hm, time to stop by LV and pick up a black EPI pochette before the show? :graucho:
  4. The only other LV I have is a mono speedy but I don't want to have bag that's not small or doesn't fit on my shoulder so my other choices are a black kate spade sam or black coach bag that's the same size as the pochette. all my other bags are too colorful or casual.
  5. I would do the black coach bag - is it a signature piece?
  6. nope it's just a black canvas. it's a few years old i don't even know the name or style. it's very simple.
  7. black canvas? Hmm.... I change my mind to the Kate Spade!
  8. haha okay thanks
  9. Do the black kate spade
    Plus its a concert with lots of people (I assume if its for John Mayer)
    so just in case things happen, you wont get your Damier injured.
  10. i'm jealous! i love john mayer. i agree btw take the kate spade you don't want anything to happen to your pochette
  11. I think it would look fine
  12. i am so excited!! i am just totally in love with him. i just saw him in concert in august but i'm having withdrawals already lol.
  13. ^^^ have a fab time while you are there!
  14. i think damier looks good with balck!
  15. Damier! Or even a colorful bag will be fun to jazz up your outfit?