Does my new classic flap come with a wrong box?

  1. I bought a white medium classic flap from Saks by phone on 18th. Just got the bag today. I like it a lot. But I'm also afraid they they put my purse in a wrong box.

    There are two labels on the side of the box...the big one says "blanc". Does this mean black? The serial number (13 digits) on this big label matches the one on the tag. But the other serial number (8 digits) on the smaller label doesn't match the number on the certificate card. Is this a problem? I was just reading those authenticating threads...and was worried I won't be able to sale it (hope I won't want to do that) in future. :confused1::sad:
  2. Blanc is French for white so the color is correct. Not certain re: the smaller label and certificate card question.
  3. Thanks, Ronsdiva! Maybe I was worried too much...I guess at least I could just show the original receipt to prove it.
  4. The other numbers that you are ref. to, are the style number, season number etc. , and has nothing to do with the authenticity card. Now the authenticity card must match the little hologram sticker inside your bag, other than that don't worry about it.

    Oh btw, Noir is black
  5. Gosh...I searched my bag inside and out. I didn't see that hologram sticker at all. Do they have it for the medium classic flap? where do they usually put it? :confused1:
  6. Now I'm really worried...I can't find that sticker inside the bag at all. :sad:
  7. I found it! The two numbers match each other beautifully! :yahoo:

    Gosh, I probably would never notice the hologram sticker if no one has mentioned to me.

    Thank you, thegraceful1!~ :smile:
  8. You're welcome:smile: