Does My Friend not want to be friends anymore ?


Aug 9, 2006
Hi Everyone, I dont want to be negative at christmas but Im quite dissapointed in my old friend.

Ive been friends with her since the age of 3 and now we are 16. We went to different high schools and saw less and less of each other, but now we hardly see each other at all.

I wanted to see her before christmas to give her a gift (we allways buy for eachother) but she kept saying "Im too busy", Im so dissapointed that she didnt want to come out with me before christmas. When I asked her what she was doing she kept saying things like "going my cousins", "going my dads" etc.

These are things she could do anytime but since we were off I really wanted to see her. So she said that we could go out before she went her dads on satuday morning (yesturday) so I called her on friday night to make arrangements and she wasnt in so I told her step dad to tell her to ring me and shes still not rung me and we never went out. I thought that she would of rung me even if she didnt get the message, because its christmas. Im pretty sure that she got my message because her step dad is very reliable but Im upset that she cant make time for me. I have lots of other friends from High school who have rung me but I though she would have because Im her longest known friend :sad:.
Maybe she's really busy, or maybe she's changed. As you said, you guys have been friends for a while, and this is the age where people change a lot. You did mention that you guys started going to different schools and have been seeing less of each other. That's just how it goes sometimes, unfortunately.
Aww. Soz to hear that!

I've been let down a couple of times too, which is always a bummer cos I ALWAYS try my damnest to make sure things like that don't happen cos my friends are SOOOO important to me.

Give ya friend the benefit of the doubt first, and I hope she'll call you back real soon to apologise, and fix a date for y'all to meet up! :yes:
Sorry to hear that! I'm like that with my cousins though but they know that I'm really busy running around and stuff. See if she calls you back by the end of the holidays. You never know.
Don't feel so absolutely dissed.... she just might have had the time or energy. I know sometimes it's hard to get together with friends one hasn't seen in a while just because it's hard to catch up on time.