Does my butt look fat in this Pochette???

  1. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: I'm not sure what it is.... maybe it's PMS making me emotional but I feel sad. I REALLY want the Vernis Sunset in Amarente and Perle however my problem is not that I am torn as to which color to purchase. My dilemma is whether I should bother purchasing anymore pochette-style bags when all I do is use them as wallets in my work bags. I have the Epi Honfluer in black, the Epi Accessories Pouch in Red, and the MC pochette....all of which I only use as "wallets" in my larger bags. The reason you might wonder as to why I use them as wallets? It's because I feel fat when I carry a pochette-style purse. :lecture:I can't stop thinking this way. Anyone else feel fat when they carry a pochette? :confused1: I think I need therapy. :sad:
  2. Why is your posting name with the word fat and now your thread is about fat?
  3. I love the pochettes ... I use them to hold my cell phone, powder, wallet, lipgloss and small stuff.

    I use them in my larger bags, so when I only feel like bringing a small bag I can just grab my pochette.

    Have you thought about adding a enlarger to the strap of your pochette so it becomes a bit longer? that way it doesn't feel so tight to carry on your shoulder.
  4. Pochette was not meant to be carried like a large camouflage bag body flaws which make each individual uniquely beautiful.
  5. I love pochettes! Wear them how you like and feel great!
  6. It's just a name I made up. I still have days of insecurity. :shrugs:
  7. The title of your thread is really funny! Seriously though, don't hide your purse because you feel it doesn't suit your body type! You bought them, you obviously love them so ENJOY them. I realize it's easier said than done and I worry about my body shape as well, but in the end you should spend less time worrying and more time enjoying! Go get that bag girl!!!
  8. aw don't feel that way..I'm sure you be rocking that pochette
    like sofiekdk suggested, you could use extender w/it to fit more comfortably if you want
  9. you know, i think that way too. so i mostly wear my pochettes when im going out with DBF, and no one else. :roflmfao: i feel i look awfully HUGE with pochettes.
  10. Well, first things first Fabulous...let's change your screen name then we can work on your pochette issue. tPFers let's come up with a new name for Fabulous. Here are my choices for you:

    1. simply drop the Fat and become soFabulous
    2. FabulouslyMe
    3. EffingFabulous

    Oh, and yes I am being serious.
  11. lol designingstyle I just love your idea
    I so wanted to vote for 3 but I'll behave and vote 2
  12. here here!! :rochard:

    Now about the pochettes...if you love 'em, why not? I for one can't carry mine on my shoulder as it looks silly. I just carry mine in my hand or croook of my arm if I'm using them for quick errands. ITA they're also perfect to throw in larger bags!
  13. okay i vote for 2. 3 is so fun though! and in my opinion, anyone carrying a vuitton pochette is rockin, size doesn't matter!
  14. I like designs idea also I vote for the 2nd one as well!!

    Now for the pochettes, I say if you want to wear it as a bag do so with pride who cares what anyone thinks???I agree with the other ladies that it is great to toss it into a bigger bag as well.
  15. I feel fat! I'm with ya sista. It sucks. pochette, no pochette, big bag, small bag. I feel fat and dat's dat. And, no, it ain't fun. But, dang it, I'm still gonna wear my pochettes and my Sunset... there's always gonna be someone fatter and someone skinnier... so that's the poop... which also

    And, worse of all.... I'm HUNGRY!!!!! hehe,,,