Does Muse Go On Sale?

  1. Does the Muse go on sale? If so, which ones? Also, do you ladies know whether the Muse is going to be a permanent line? TIA:flowers:
  2. I haven't seen the Muse ever being on sale. They brought the Muse back again this year, so I think it'll be around for a while
  3. I can't imagine it will go on sale in the foreseeable future - too classic - but you can get 10% off thru by entering the current code shopjuly, shopaugust, etc. I think you get one discount per time period. Ever bit helps!
  4. the girl at the YSL store informed me that the muse would be a staple in black, brown and white and the bags in these colors would not be put on sale. there is a chance that they would put the muse bags in seasonal colors/leather on sale but given that they only release a handful of these, your choice would be narrowed to what's left by the end of the season, if any. hope this helps!
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