Does multicolor still chip off...?

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  1. Does anyone know whether the multicolor still have the chipping off problem...? I want to buy an agenda, really like the multicolor black one, but maybe I should go for monogram if it will chip off...

    And anyone remember the price before increase for multicolor in US~? It is $510 now.

    Thank you!
  2. It isn't a chipping problem as such. It will always happen due to the nature of silk screening the print on I believe
  3. Thank you! Just wondering whether lv changed their tech so that those pretty prints could be more durable now...? not sure whether it could stay a couple of years at least before it starts going away...
  4. I have a few mc pieces that look lovely still but I don't use them often. I've seen a zcp from 2011 in the worst condition ever! So I really think it depends on how you look after things x
  5. Thank you! As an agenda I def want to use it daily... I dont abuse but I dont baby either... so maybe MC is not my best choice... :sad: I love those prints though!
  6. Are you wanting to use the agenda within a bag and carry it around all the time or keep it on a desk? If the former then simply pop it in its dustbag when in your bag to prevent it rubbing against other things. That will preserve it for you.

    The monogram print can fade/rub off if it's not looked after. Damier Ebene is prone to developing dark spots if not looked after.

    Nothing is indestructible. Then, after saying that, I have monogram bags that are 20+ years old that look absolutely fine with no wear to the monogram pattern.
  7. Thank you! I want to use the agenda within a bag and carry it around...
  8. I have a Black MC Alma that is 10 years old and NOT ONE CHIP! I also have a Sarah wallet that is 1 year old and the same. No chip. I don't baby my stuff, either.
  9. I'm curious, too, about this issue.

    I just purchased & received an 11 year old MC pochette cles from eBay and it looks fabulous! I ordered another one which is 8 years old from eBay but it has a few small chips in the purple "LV" on it (it's a Blanc/white one; the un-chipped pochette cles is in Noir/black).

    It's interesting how differently some of them have lived their lives!
  10. I brought my black MC zippy in less then 3 months ago and already it's starting to chip alittle bit. :nogood: I would understand if I use it everyday but I've never even used it yet and I'm very careful with it when I take it out. I was hoping to be one of the lucky ones who own their MC slg's for years and no issues with it.

  11. In that case, have you tried taking it back for an exchange or repair? It's left than a year old, maybe they'd do something for free? :tdown: :shrugs:
  12. i own white multi color for years and years now and its not chipping. maybe because i barely carry that bag?
  13. Same. Mine is 4+ years old, I don't use it often, but also don't baby it.
  14. I have a black MC agenda that is about 6 years old. I used it through college and it got a lot of use and was "stuffed" in my backpack many days. I have not had any issue with chips or anything else. I would feel VERY comfortable purchasing more MC items. :smile:
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    Wow! :tup:
    Would love to see some photos of these older items that have held up well. The MC pochette cles I have (with no chips) is in my profile pic (though a bit small). I recently browsed eBay for any more of them (just to see the condition of others on sale), and one had chips on nearly every one of the screen printed colors/images! I was surprised at how poorly it had fared (especially as the patina looked "less aged" than the patina on my pre-loved Noir MC cles).