does mulberry's patent leather wear well?

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  1. Hi all, i'm new to this forum, delighted to find a group who love mulberry as much as i do! :yahoo:

    i'm considering getting a black patent bays and wanted to ask how well mulberry's patent leather holds up. does it age well, does it scratch or crease, and what care does it require? I have 5 bags, but all in darwin leather, which i adore for its hardiness, and the way it looks vintagey after a while...
  2. Hi and welcome . I have a few bays in darwin , , soft tumbled and patent . The answer is yes , it does crease with wear . You do need to be more careful with patent than your other bags , don't put it near heat and be careful not to scratch it.
  3. Thanks for the feedback... The last time i owned anything patent it was when it used to get sticky and peel! :smile: guess techniques must've advanced since...

    Do you have a bag in the congo leather? i wonder if the bays in congo and patent are stiffer, or do they slouch the way they do in darwin - i love that...
  4. Don´t have any experience with patent bag. Just want to say hello and welcome!;)