Does Mulberry do gift vouchers?

  1. If so - do you have to buy them in the shop. I don't see any mention of them on their web-site other than they don't accept them as payment on-line. :confused1:

  2. I am sure they do - the last time I was in the outlet shop in York I am sure the person in front of me was enquiring about them!

    Fab present idea!!:smile:
  3. I would be a great gift.
  4. Yes, you can buy gift vouchers in any Mulberry store, and can use them in their stand alone stores only but not in concessions such as Harrods or Selfridges. However, the gift vouchers don't look like gift vouchers, they provide a till receipt with gift voucher printed on it and generally sellotape it to a card.
  5. Really professional then , just what would good in a birthday card !!