Does Mulberry Alexa age well?

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  1. Hi

    If anyone has a Mulberry Oak Alexa could you tell me do they age well even get better with age, or do they end up tired and old looking?
  2. I think if you care for it and don't abuse it (protect it with collonil; not throwing it around the place; not wearing light coloured bags with clothing prone to colour transfer, etc), it should hold up well. Mine have held up well but I do have a lot of bags which I often rotate
  3. I have recently bought a preloved Alexa oversized in oak (soft buffalo), that hadn't really been used by the seller (e.g. it still had some of the plastic on the lock). It was originally purchased 2 1/2 years prior. I sprayed it with Collonil, then the next day a colleague spilled a glass of red wine on it - which left zero stains. It didn't soak in. Some weeks later I had been wearing it with dark blue jeans on and off for a few weeks, and that had its impact on the back of the bag where it got darker, but I managed to get it off with a napkin and a little bit of water without rubbing too much on the leather. It has now also gotten a small scratch on the leather on the wiring on the back (not sure what happened, but guess it's normal wear and tear). Otherwise it's still stunning.

    It's a lovely bag. So, if you care for it, protect it properly and don't scratch it then you should be fine. I'm definitely more careful about this one than my Alexa in black, though, as I consider the colour to be a lot more delicate and prone to visible scratches and wear and tear.

  4. Thank you :smile:
  5. Thank you :smile:
  6. I've had mine since 2010 (? the first season it came out anyway). I've used it for at least a year constant in that period, plus less regularly since, and it still looks as good as I did when I got it. It's even been soaked in the rain but came up fine as the protection spray did its job.
  7. Mine from 2010

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