Does MP still exist?

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  1. Does Marketplaza still exist? Old threads mention an app process but the old thread was closed only saying this:

    Note: The MP no longer is accepting new applications.
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    It was updated in March, and I don't want to get in any trouble for asking, but I can't seem to find many more details since the closed thread has just the info stated above. I find myself asking a lot of questions on the Authenticate This forums and I"d love for a safer way to purchase from TPF members. Thank you for any guidance!

    I"ll gladly take a PM for more details. I also read somewhere that you aren't supposed to discuss the Marketplaza on the open forum, but I'm not sure who to ask. I've only been on TPF since Oct, so I'm not sure who the friendly Mod is I can ask for assistance. Thank you!
  2. Anyone know how I can post a new thread? I already have 10 posts I think?
  3. Indeed, it does still exist!

    We have only been adding people in the past months by individual referrals from existing MP members. :idea:
  4. Are they still accepting new members and all? I've been a member for donkeys years, lol. And I think I submitted an app back in 2008 or 2009... not certain but it was ages ago.
  5. How does that work? Do you have to ask/know someone to refer you or do people refer based on seeing you post and comment around the forum?
  6. Not nice:pout:
    I guess it is like being outside a great club and hoping to be picked:lol:
    Sometimes, the club goes under.....
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  8. We shall get to more added accounts in the next few weeks.
  9. Thanks, Vlad! :smile:
  10. Ah, ok. thank you for clarifying.
  11. But that post is from 2009. I'm not interested in selling either, I was just hoping to buy. I started posting/sharing one the Purse Forum without ever fully understanding all the different aspects, I was just excited I could share about my "luxury" purchased with those who share common interests and to buy smarter. it was only since I started this thread that I heard there was a way to buy more safely than eBay/bonanza. It would be cool if they had some kind of purchasing only membership in the MP so that more people could join.
    I'm still unclear as to how it all works. I don't know any of the members personally so I'm not sure how I could get a referral.
  12. i know exactly what you mean. i dont want to buy from eBay because it's so hard to tell whether or not something is real, but i think it'd be cool to be able to have conversations about the bag being sold with people who are genuinely interested.

    I also dont know anyone on the forum and i dont think i own enough nice bags to make friends on the forum either...haha

    i join tpf because i was looking to buy a mbmj hillier and this forum had so much information and pics of people wearing it and then i got addicted and have started to eye more bags since ive joined. i'd love to be able to purchase bags without having to worry about authenticity of the bag.

    i do sorta understand the exclusivity part as it would be difficult to manage the selling forum and ensure no fraud happens with so many people. after i saw that post in the lv forum about the market plaza i did a little googling and it looks like even so ppl claim that there was fraud. Either way it's always buy and sell at your own risk, so if there were a way to have purchase only membership i'd be so ecstatic. it'll be like online shopping :biggrin:
  13. I would like to know and join too. Please keep all of us here posted. I have heard about MP a few times and read that it was closed until I found this thread.
  14. I would love to be able to both buy and sell!
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