does most or all of burberry stuff go on sale eventually?

  1. i've recently fallen in love with burberry...i'm on a limited budget, but am craving some of their stuff. wondering if most or all of their stuff goes on sale eventually? if so, it'd be worth it to wait for a sale rather than buy now, as opposed to stuff from like LV, which never goes on sale. on the other hand, if only the unpopular items go on sale, i'd like my burberry now :p :love:
  2. it depends what item you're yearning for at the moment. The classic check hardly ever goes on sale and when it does, it's snapped up real quickly. Depending on the popularity of the other lines, they may or may not make it to the sale racks.

    I think if you like something, you should get it now. don't want to risk missing out on it!
  3. Yes, if it is classic check then you may want to get it. It is very rare that they get discounted, and those that get discounted may not be what you want. But the leather pieces are the ones that I see discounted most often. If you go to you will see some bags from last year? Or was it the year before? that are being sold there. But I don't know about its authenticity.
  4. I agree with mello_yello_jen... and u can also try a Burberry outlet to see if some of the items that u want are there... I say this 'cause Burberry lines never changes (at least significantly) except in some particular items. Who knows... u might get lucky and find what u want half price in a outlet somewhere ;)
  5. ^^ thanks for all your thoughts, guys! i love the nova check stuff, so i'm going to take the plunge and get it now :yahoo:
  6. I say go for it. Especially if its the classic check. They hardly ever go on sale. You can go on their website and check out the sale section too. They have some cute stuff there from time to time.