does mono straps hurt your shoulder in summer

  1. asking honest answers:crybaby: , please...:p
  2. My Alto straps did hurt when the bag was full/heavy.
  3. mine didn't...but my PH straps got darker quickly.
  4. nope.
  5. Not at all.. but then again, I never really carried anything heavy in my bags.
  6. Only if I carry a lot with me. :biggrin: But that's not likely.
  7. It's summer in hawaii year round... the straps on my Mono LH don't hurt me. They are the rolled style of handles.
  8. only if i have a ton of stuff in my bag.
  9. Mine don't. For me, the hand held bags tend to hurt my arm more when I carry them in the crook area.
  10. the piano was comfy on my shoulder. hurting your shoulder is going going to happen when you over fill your bag.

    I once had 3 bottles of water plus all my daily stuff in my paino and it was heavy and hurt. But on a daily basis i dont carry that so its not an issue.
  11. Not mine but I dont really carry that much stuffs.
  12. I have a BH and it did when it was new because the straps were harder, now that its been a few months its a lot better because the straps have gotten softer.