Does ModaQueen site sell authentic bags

  1. I am sad to say that I was recently "taken" by an "Authentic" online seller. I called ahead to verify that the Stella bag I was about to purchase was authentic and that they indeed had the bag in stock. I was assured that they only sold authentic products and since I couldn't find the bag elsewhere, I took the chance. Ok, so first they insisted my bag had been shipped UPS, but the shipper could only verify that a billing label was created. One week later I contacted them and they told me it was shipped on Nov. 2, after several days, still nothing. I contacted them again and was told that they would ship me a second bag and to send back the first one if ever received. Got the second bag and the zipper didn't even open right to left. Suprised at how obvious this reproduction was, I contacted them and sent that bag back. Got the second one and out of curiosity opened the box. Yup, bag opened right to left. Among other non-MJ aspects, they are without question up to no good. I immediately contacted them and was told that "they were sorry I felt my bag was not authentic." I truly just want a real black Stella, not at a deep discount, not a shady deal, just a hard to find product. Let my experiences be your guide, fellow MJ lovers!
  2. Thanks for sharing! I've discovered most websites that claim to sell auth bags are generally fake. It's better to have the girls in the forum check it out before ordering... Stick to reputable sellers like Saks, NM, Nordies, Bloomies, and you won't go wrong. End of season sales are coming up, so stick by and you'll see the girls post plenty of deals.
  3. Sorry to hear that! I know how disappointed you are right now. I've been in the same shoes before, but don't worry, you'll find your real Stella. If you don't mind paying a little bit more you can always purchase it from high end dept stores like Saks or Neiman, like thithi suggested. However, I heard Stella isn't produced anymore, so I don't know what's your chance to find it on dept stores. You can always try to find one on eBay with a lot of pattience! Just verify the bag on PF. The ladies would be glad to help you out :yes:. I wish you good luck!
  4. i just posted an authentication question about, can someone take a look and help me? i have just ordered it a few minutes ago but can still cancel it if this is proven to be a fake. i was very sure this one is OK but now i am nervous...
  5. I'm new here, and highly inexperienced in the world of purses. I do, however, love shopping online and keeping my guard up is the primary reason I'm starting this simple thread.

    I saw this purse on the modaqueen site;

    It's called a "Motorcycle Purse". Has anyone had any experience buying from this group. I'd hate to spend the money then end up with a POS.

  6. I just purchased a bag from modaqueen. A marc jacobs quilted. The brass is brushed not shiny. I was taken right? ugh!
  7. scocrn, post pics in Authenticate This and we can tell you for sure. Same thing goes for bagpunk.
  8. All of those web sites sell fake bags. Counterfeit bags online is a booming industry.
  9. I bought a Prada on E-bay that I was certain was a fake. I returned it but had to file a complaint with PayPal to get a refund. I then purchased a Prada from, I'm fairly certain that it is an authentic bag but just have concerns due to the experience with E-bay. Can anyone tell me if they have purchased with this web site? If so, what was your experience?

  10. you may want to check the authenticate this thread on the fendi forum. i think someone else posted asking if modaqueen sold authentic merchandise, and someone said they didn't. but i could be wrong.
  11. Please post in the authenticity thread in the Prada Forum.
  12. I did buy an mj from modaqueen as a xmas gift for my sister and took it to the marc jacobs store. after i had a couple of salespersons check it they verified that the bag was authentic. I buy bags all the time for my friends and family. Do you know if their prada messenger bags are authentic??????
  13. Aww, sorry to hear that :sad: Hopefully you can find it somewhere else. I was pointed to Modaqueen by Zappos, after I mailed them asking if they were going to be getting any Venetia bags, well good luck :smile: Hope you find one
  14. Hi folks,

    I'm new to this forum and I've been trolling this forum for a while now and still can't find any recommended website to buy a salvatore bag. I'm scared to buy them from Ebay or Bluefly because it seems there are some fakes there.

    How about

    Somehow doesn't seem to carry salvatore

    Thanks again in advance~

  15. Is there a brand called "Salvatore"? or are you referring to Salvatore Ferragamo? Ferragamo is carried by Saks and Neiman Marcus (online I don't think you have to use their cc's to order).

    I can't find any info on, but based on their prices I wouldn't take a chance. More than 50% off retail seems too good to be true. Hopefully others will come along with more information.

    Good luck finding what you're looking for! and welcome to the purse forum!