does MJ make bags w/ Silver hardware??

  1. im confussed...are MJ bags made with gold and silver hardware?? (not on the same bag, of course)

    i've seen both and there is a bag i want off eBay but im scared its not real....

    anyone know...?
  2. Depending on the year/season MJ bags have either Gold or Silver hardware. If you post the eBay link in the "Authenticate This" sticky maybe someone can help verfiy if it is real or not.
  3. The current MJ bags come with gold hardware, but in the past there was also silver. At first I was disappointed, but I've grown to really like the gold hardware.
    As Melly said, I would definitely post any eBay finds in the "Authenticate This" sticky, because you never know what you might find!!
  4. thank you new and still learning where everything goes :o)
  5. does the gold wear off with time? i hope not!
  6. mj does make bags with silver hardware the classics like the blake, stella and the sophia.