Does Mischa Barton...

  1. I was looking through the celeb pics trying to find them wearing their lux bowlers over their shoulders. Every celeb that had it on their shoulder looks like it fits well, but other PF'rs tell me it dosent. I will be getting my metalic on friday. Can you guys tell if Mischa and rachael have the deerskin or metalic? Thanks
  2. I forgot, its the medium size. Please help!
  3. deerskin. i think...
  4. Sorry, both are goatskin.

    Rachel and Misha are like size 0/2 right? If you are 0/2 you should have no problem getting it on your shoulder.
  5. I don't know what kind Mischa Barton or Rachel Bilson has but I've tried on the bowlers and they fit fine on my shoulders. I liked the look a lot. However, I do have small shoulders- I can carry Balenciaga firsts and cities on there perfectly fine.
  6. Lol... I'm a size 4, but I don't have skinny arms, but not fat either, its these damn breasts! Haha!

    Smoothoprter, I saw your silver, does it fit well?
  7. I wish I was 7/8:roflmfao:


  8. Oh good, today I was carrying my marigold first on my shoulder (2 handles) and it fits! Yeah!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. It was the medium gold bowler. I don't have it anymore - returned it because the gold was rubbing off. It did fit on my shoulder:yes: - I was size 4 at that time, but damn those holidays. I'm working on size 4 again though.
  10. hmm, I had the black bowler and it fit over my shoulder just fine. I am no where near a size 0/2.
  11. Thanks for the info! :idea:
  12. i want a bowler too! *pouts*

    what are the measurements for size 0 anyway? sorry cos im not in the states
  13. A 0 now is what a size 5 used to be in the 1970's when I was a teenager! Size 5 was teeny-tiny back then, and 3 was equivalent to a 00 now. When I was a size 3 in my twenties my waist was 25 inches.

    I'm a size 0 in anything that is cut low on the hip. My hips measure about 33 or 34 inches... my waist is large in comparison - 26 inches. So if I were into higher waisted jeans or shorts I would probably need a size 2.
  14. Wow.. thanks for the background on the sizing system! interesting to know, roey! I'm a size 0/00/XS in the US, 34 in Euro, tres Petite in France but when I go back home to Asia, I'm a medium :sad: Standards are different in each country.
    For European sizes, 0 would be equivalent to 34. 00 = 32 . Most pret-a-porter collections in Europe start at 36 which is 2 in the US. So it's so hard for me to find tops or bottoms that look glam on others.