Does MC speedy 30 worth we spend $2000 on?

  1. After ordered MINI lin , I changed my mind, I want to go for WHITE MC speedy 30 again,
    but it is very high price though. :graucho:
  2. wow, i didn't realize it goes to 2000$???
    when it first came out it was only a 1000 something.

    personally, i'm a girl who's quite active and i would be too afraid i will ruin the MC in short times. i mean it's ALL OVER. i wore a lot of belts, sometimes with lots of hardware, i'll be too afraid it'll scratch
    if i'm not an active girl, i would love to have this bag
  3. I don't have a MC speedy but I'd love love love to have one. I think it's a great all day bag so for me it would be worth 2000.
    I think you should ask yourself how much you would use it because if you'd use it only once or twice it isn't worth it, but if you use it more often it sure is .
  4. i think i really like the Multicolor, it will make me happy to see it, so cheerful!
  5. Here lemme talk you into the bag.... my husband said LV bags are like craftsman tools... they last a lifetime and if for somereason they don't you can always take them in to get repaired! So if you are going to spend $2000 on a bag that you can use forever then over the life of the bag it will pay for itself in the end. Just make sure it's something you really like and are sure you will want to wear alot!
  6. I think it's totally worth it! MC puts you in such a great mood and makes you so happy, and that's worth all the money in the world!
  7. I bought a black pre-loved MC on eBay last year for $875, but it wasn't in the greatest condition. I just resold it this week on eBay for less.

    I love the bag, and if $2K is a reasonable price point for you, then go for it. For me, I don't mind buying pre-loved bags, so I would hope to spend less on the MC.
  8. Man, that's a great way to put it!
  9. it's totally worth it! mc speedy is gorgeous!
  10. Go for white MC..... I think you 'll love it.IT worth every penny of it.:yes: The bag is so colorful and looks VERY pretty on every angles!!! Good luck!
  11. Buy a pre loved MC, I don't think I would EVER spend $2000 IMO on a bag.
  12. I think it is worth it if you adore the bag and you know that you will use it. I love MC!!
  13. ok! I will head to LV store this weekend, hope I can bring my love back.
    I got tired to order from eluxury. although they have very good service, but there are always something, make me don't like the bag there, end to return it at the end.

    I ordered the mini lin. The LV patterns are not in the straight line.
  14. Absolutely think about it like this

    The plain white canvas is put through the silk screening process once for every colour that's 33 times in total at any point it could smudge or the colour not been even that means the bag is ruined start again that risk x 33!

    Then you have all the hardwear one the bag too plus everything that usually goes with an LV craftmanship etc etc.

    in short is it worth it.....YES
  15. if it makes you happy, it is worth it! :smile: it's a striking bag! work it out, honey!