Does Marc Jacobs go on sale, EVER???!!

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  1. Do MJ bags go on sale at the end of a season??? I'm in love with these, but I'm feeling cheap because there are SO MANY bags that I want... ugh. I'm wondering if I should wait it out..
  2. Yes, they do! Some styles (Stam) and colors (black) I've yet to see on sale, though. I would wait.

    On the other hand, I just ordered the Ursula bowler because I was getting nervous that it might sell out. Ack! I could not stop thinking about that bag for 2 weeks.
  3. Holy crow... what's the Ursula???!! Maybe I NEED that one!!!
  4. Yes :biggrin: I have seen a red MJ Blake go for around $600, when the regular price is $950.
  5. I happen to be in Vegas around New Years and the MJacobs Store was having their annual end of year sale and I found this....
  6. In previous years they have always gone on sale.However,since his new bag designs have been so hot and edgy,they are mostly sold out before it comes to that....and within days,in some cases.

    Depends on the bag,I guess:amuse: .
  7. oops forgot this part! Was $1500 markdown to $450! I was lucky, it was the 1st day and they were still preparing for the sale.

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  8. Yes, unless it is very popular and hard to get your hands on...then they sell out. However, there is a good probability that if you wait around you can get yourself a good deal:biggrin:
  9. It completely depends on the style, color, etc. Classic styles but in seasonal colors will almost always go on sale. Then there are those styles that were done only for the season, but are still marked down. But black bags aren't marked down often.

    Check your local Nordstrom and NM for in-store sales toward the end of seasons, i.e. December/January and June/July. You can ask and they'll probably give you a rough estimate when sales will happen as the date gets closer. And check often online--they go on sale that way too. I think it's best to develop a "relationship" with a SA--they'll usually give you a call when things are going to go on sale. Also, some stores like Nordstrom will do an adjustment within two weeks. But NM and boutiques usually do not do adjustments. I've also found that Saks is REALLY SLOW to put bags on sale.
  10. Wow ... I never saw it in red. I love red bags:love: and I love the Blake.:love:
  11. I often see them on sale at Bloomingdales in Chicago...just not usually any black ones, but all the other colors I've seen on long as they're in stock! They're usually 30% off...and if you go when they have the 15% off for using you're bloomies charge then you get that extra percent off too.
  12. Here's the smaller version of Ursula from, in lobster:

    Check eluxury,, and for the larger size.
  13. The Ursula is actually the name of the patent quilted bags. THEN to add to the confusion, each bag has it's own name. So it's like they all have the same first name, "Ursula" and then have different middle names, i.e. Bowler, Elise, Hobo, Tote, Kimmy, etc.
  14. When I sold handbags, I was able to pick up a beautiful black Bally for all of $150 with my discount. When I was in the store the next time, and the sale was still on, a fellow SA asked me if I had any idea how many times she could have sold that bag because everyone wanted it in black. LOL

  15. Saks Off Fifth often has lots of Marc Jacobs bags from past seasons at reduced prices. I think this was also in a Saks Off Fifth thread. It can be hit or miss. Sometimes the markdown is like 30% off retail, and then sometimes it hangs around the store long enough to get marked down further (those colored dots!) No Stams or like that there yet.