does make-up artist=gay?

  1. So I was in Sephora the other day minding my business looking for somethin to fill in my eyebrows...when this guy that works there asked from afar if I needed help with anything. I said no thanks and carried on kneeling to get a better look at the brow kits on the bottom row of the display stand...then the same guy walks up and insists if there is anything in particular I'm looking for...Im like, didnt I just say no earlier!!?? feeling irritated I look up and Bam! :wtf:Its like a light hit upon me, who is this gorgeous sephora man standing above me?? He had the most beautiful blue eyes (so what if their contacts lol) and not knowing what else to say I said "Yes, I messed up eyebrow I need something to fill it in!" then he suggested some products and got busy painting my eyebrow to perfection and I was lovin it cuz he was thisclose to me :blush::sweatdrop:hehe
    Now I have a crush on this Sephora guy and I so want to make a move or just try but then I thought ok he's not a hairdresser but he does makeup, does that mean he's gay? If he is I have nothin againt that but I dont want to try to flirt with him and him not get the hint or get rejectected. My "gaydar" as some woman call it, did not really go off and usually I can tell...his voice wasnt very feminine and I dont think he talked much with his hands altough my encounter was fairly short..
    I work in the same mall that he works at so my question is, has anyone ever been in this kind of situation and what I should I do??!
  2. Oooh interesting one....
    Absolutely no re does working in Sephora make him gay. There's lot of straight hair stylists and make up artists.
    Only one way to find out - get in there and get flirting and see what happens......
  3. Lol!!!!! No, not all make up artists are gay - men or otherwise.x
  4. No, not all makeup artists are gay and there are hundreds of hairdressers that are straight. But i have to say, I have never come across an actual makeup artist that is straight. Straight male shop assistant who happens to work in the perfume/beauty hall yeah, but actual makeup artist - nope, never seen a straight one yet.

    You need to go there again and observe him a little bit and say something like, "ooh, i bet your girlfriend loves you working in here - she can get discounts and stuff right?" You should know then!
  5. not always, i know men who WEAR makeup and are straight
  6. I believe in asking the question straight out "Are you gay?" & I'm serious, I really do it, no sense in wasting time or getting embarrassed by flirting with him needlessly.
  7. Hmmm...I say keep flirting or talking to him, because he can either end up being your future SO or your gay best friend that can help with makeup stuff.

    It's a win, win situation!
  8. Not necessarily I've even heard that there are straight men that post on a purse forum would you believe it! :nuts:
  9. Hmmmm........if he was wearing blue contact lenses then I'm leaning towards gay.
  10. :rolleyes:
    I have to agree. I've worked as a makeup artist throughout Socal and OC for many years, and the majority of male makeup artists were indeed gay. Rarely, in my experience, did I come across a straight guy who could do good work/makeup. :sad:
    Oh, and for some reason some gay men do still flirt with women....go figure.
  11. To the OP, I know what you mean about the gaydar and how it seems that a lot of hairstylists and makeup artists are gay, but I stood corrected the other day.

    Your story was cute, and I have one like yours. But the guy who hit on me was a little too old for me ;] He was probably early 40's. Anyways, I was getting my hair trimmed at the salon on Wednesday and the girl who was cutting asked me to stand up while she trimmed because she wanted to be percise. So we were joking about how messy the floor was with my split ends now on the floor. And this guy hairdresser walked near us and I said, "We're makin' a real mess here, huh?" and he smiled at me and said, "Oh, it's COMPLETELY fine. Make as big a mess as you want." and he was definitely flirting. So moral of the story? Not all men hairstylists are gay. ;)

    As for makeup artists, I don't have a story for that one, but I know for a fact that I've met many straight ones. So go on out there girl, and give him your A game! You'll never know if he's interested until you give it a shot! And how convenient that y'all both work at the same mall! Try to come up and visit him on your lunch break and ask for him to join you! It's the perfect way to let him know you're interested, honeh!

    And don't forget to tell us ALL about it! ;D Good luck sweetheart. x:heart:
  12. Oh Monkey, I know! Gay guys DO still flirt with women and it's so misleading! It's not fair lol. I have a really good friend named Johnny who's gay, but I swear he's the HOTTEST lil thing ever. Gay guys take more care of their looks and thus are usually hotter. Well, he used to flirt ALL the TIME! He'd hug me and tell me I looked cute that day, and the way he looked at me! UGH He was teeeeasin' me girl. It's weird because he would stare at my legs too whenever I wore miniskirts. But he's 100% gay. I don't get men sometimes... even the gay ones! :roflmfao: Haha
  13. lol omg. what a funny story!

    well, here is my opinion...

    perhaps he might be? lol. there has never NOT been a point where I did not think a guy who did hair or make up that isn't gay.

    I actually think if my bf or a guy who i dated did makeup would kind of bug me. he would probably be trying to fix my face all the time or insisting on doing my makeup FOR me.

  14. lol hmmm... I would go on the presumption he is probably gay, however it certainly doesn't hurt to find out. Maybe you should just invite him out for coffee and a chat or something and worst case scenario, you have a new friend?
  15. Or he could be bi.