Does Macy's F&F apply for phone orders?

  1. I tried the F&F code on the website (just in case) and it did not work, but my local Macy's stores do not seem to have any Coach bags. :sad: Does anyone know whether I could use the discount on a phone order? And, if so, does anyone know of a store that has the brown Ali? TIA!
  2. i called the 800 macy's number & they told me yes .
  3. SWEET! So, does anyone know of a store with the brown Ali? Or could I do an order on the 800#?
  4. sometimes i think the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing at macy stores or macys 800 number.

    the rep said you can use the 20 % over the phone but not on coach stuff.

    i read on other threads that you can have 20% off caoch stuff.

    then i called a macy's local store & the purse rep said you can have 20 % off on all coach stuff in the store .

    who do i believe ?
  5. i think they meant u cant get the 20% over the 1-800-numebr but if you have the UPC code of the bag you want, you can order it from the store itself and have it mailed to you
  6. herald square, nyc has it


  7. oh and make sure they tell u the color on the tag is brown.. some of them are pea brains and dont care about the difference between natural, brown or whiskey
  8. hmm... then i asked two different shoe reps from two different macys & both told me they can not do any shop by phone /orders for friends & family discounts .
  9. i'm going to try to buy what i want in person but i think there are going to be some items that i'll have to purchase over internet.

    this worries me because- i might not get the 20% even if i enter the right code. jeepers !

    then i'll be forced to do it over the phone & how can i trust the rep that i'll get 20% off for sure ?
  10. I placed a phone order on saturday and I got the discount.
  11. Do you need the full UPC or can you just give them the Coach style number?
  12. King of Prussia wanted the SKU. Not the style number. i tried gving that to the girl.
  13. ^ How do I find out the SKU number though? I'm looking for the Ali in Brown. :confused1:
  14. Apprarently you have to be psychic. Because unless you get it from someone who has the the bag/tag, find the tag on a exact color bag pic on eBay, call 800Coach and get a Rep that's willing to give it you or have macy's call coach for you- you won't get it.
  15. You sound just about as frustrated as I am with it. :noggin: