Does LV use different canvas?

  1. I was airing out all my bags today and I noticed a slight difference between the canvas of my Neverfull and the canvas of my Batignolles Vertical.

    The main difference is basically the color.

    My Neverfull .. the background color of the canvas is very dark brown... REALLY dark that it almost doesnt look brown anymore. And the LV logos are very slightly more orange-ish.

    However Batignolles. The background color of the canvas is more chocolate brown... like u can see from a mile away that its VERY brown. But the color of the LV logos are almost yellow-ish and green-ish (but more on the shade of yellow).

    Anyway.. Does LV use different canvases everytime they make a bag? 'Cos I thought before all the mono bags had to be the exact same color and everything.

    Just wondering :sweatdrop:
  2. Can you post pictures? My neverfull I would describe as chocolate brown and my LVs are a mustard color...
  3. Also, the "shine" of the canvas is different too. The Batignolles is a teensy bit shinier. The Neverfull looks more "dry" in a way when u look at it from a different angle but otherwise both bags are similar.
  4. The canvas will get more dull, but shinier with time.

    Did you buy both bags at the same time?
  5. are your bags made in the same country? does it have the same two letters on its datecode? LV canvas are made in different batches, the slight colour difference may be due to the slight difference on the colour/paint mix ratio they used.
  6. I too, noticed recently that the momogram LV logos are more of a golden/mustard colour than they used to be before.
  7. do u kno what color they used to be?
  8. can you post pictures? i'd be very interested to see. thanks!
  9. im gonna post pics soon but probably in 3 days or so cos im getting my camera repaired. i havent even put up pics of my 2 new cles and key holders yet !! ( I just realized lol)

    Thx for the info guys.
  10. Something doesn't sound right??
  11. My Made in France damier is definitely shinier than the Made in Spain one, colour difference, nope.
  12. I have also noticed that the damier canvas is made up of different browns...weird.
  13. I noticed this on 2 zippy wallets I was comparing at LV last weekend. There's a difference!
  14. ye I compared mine there is a difference from the made in spain ones.
  15. IDK- ran outta monogram bags. :crybaby:

    but IMO some of the Azur canvas used on speedy's is softer than the Monogram canvas. That's experience from buying 5 or 6 different Azur's and Monogram 30's the past 8 months. lol~~~~!