Does LV treat men better than women?

  1. Just had to share this. I have dealt with customer service on many occasions. Sometimes they are extremely helpful--other times they act as if I am bothering them. My DH bought be an inclusion bracelet and had to get it from LV directly (e luxury wouldn't have it here in time.) All he bought was the bracelet.

    Today he received a package in the mail with a handwritten thank-you note from the customer service rep, along with her card, and a beautiful catalogue! Just for a bracelet? I was happy but wondered why I never was treated so kind after purchasing more expensive bags.

    Oh well.
  2. Maybe they were happy to see a guy come in to buy something. Or maybe they did it in hopes he'd come back again in the future.
    Anyway no, I don't notice this at all, I get thank you cards with some items, some items I don't, it doesn't seem to matter much-I think they just send them when they get a chance.
  3. No I really don't think so I could never complain about the way I am treated by LV!
  4. Yes--I just thought it was cute for such a small purchase
  5. I've always been treated well by customer service - so far!
  6. nah I don't think so. It's all by chance imo, your hubby just met a really nice person with lotsa time on her hands lol.
  7. Well, I hope not, considering the majority of LVs goods are aimed at women!!
  8. I think it all depends on the associate. I received a hand written thank you card as well when I ordered the miroir from the store.
  9. I think the 866 line is trying to improve. The last couple of times I called I got excellent service, including 1 time I just ordered a barette.
  10. I hope it's just chance.. or perhaps there's bias based on the SA - maybe they feel men are more serious about buying or they're less troublesome etc. etc. Hopefully not, cause us ladies are keeping Vuitton afloat here, as we can see by this board. :graucho:
  11. i guess they think if a man comes into LV they are either going to buy a gift, or they are avid LV lovers and likely to purchase. guys don't tend to shop without intent to buy as much as women i think. just a thought.

  12. that's a good point. or maybe they feel that your husband will be more inclined to buy you gifts ;)

    but i've gotten great service from LV :smile:
  13. What kind of catalogue did he get? Aimed at men or women? Aimed at men: the s.a. would like him to become a client; aimed at women: the s.a. would like to give him suggestions for future gifts. In the end it is just an elaborate -let's call it- scheme to acquire a new customer.
  14. I have to agree about the "sometimes I feel like I am BOTHERING them" stuff. Sometimes they are sooo rude! The 1-866-VUITTON people, not my sa's! I have purchased A LOT from LV and never once have I received a "thank you" card!

    My hubby bought a pair of shoes from Gucci in Vegas a couple of months ago and they sent him a card.....
  15. I agree. Everytime I take my husband with me to LV, theyre extra nice and helpful. It bugs me :confused1: