Does LV track returns?

  1. I'm afflicted with the HORRIBLE disease of indecisiveness. In my history with LV, I've bought and returned a speedy 25, cles and popincourt. The other day I bought an azur cles and a LH. Once again, I thought I was TOTALLY in love only to come home and realize I'm not. Do they track returns? I'ts only been like 2 days but I'm afraid they'll be like ummm no you can't keep returning stuff. It's not like I use them, I totally don't. I just really think i'm in love and then realize....i'm not. Help!!
  2. wow, I want to know as well. I have kept a few bags as I was just to uncomfortable to go back and return or exchange.
  3. I believe they goes under your customer and purchase record.
  4. They do track returns. You have to give your name, address, etc., even if it was a gift. Very typical practice for high-end boutiques.
  5. Yes, they track returns. I was told by a *****y manager that I returned an inclusion bracelet more than once and I shouldn't buy anymore inclusion pieces.
  6. They do track your purchases and returns. If you return too many times. I've been told they will decline to sell to you in the future. Also will put you on a 'Do Not Sell To List'. Customer is not a good fit with Louis Vuitton products.
  7. ^ Ouch that sucks. :push:
  8. Yep, I've heard this too. They do have a lot of issues with people that buy bags to use at certain events and then return them after.
  9. I totally hear what you're saying. I'm the same way. I don't think it's fair to put people on a "do not sell" list. I don't have an LV store nearby so I order things and when they're not as I had hoped, I send them back. It's very difficult to shop with only online pictures as your reference.
  10. The thing that made me mad is that I ordered the inclusion through 866, so it was had white streaks and glue all through it. Why did I get "yelled" at by the's not my fault it was defective.
  11. Oh ! really?:sad:

    I returned Stratus PM twice, then finally got another Stratus PM that suited me.

    So, they might have that records...Oh! well..:sweatdrop:
  12. Yeah I agree, I've heard that they do blacklist you if you either buy or return too much or buy things in too large of quantities (they'll assume they're for resale purposes). I don't know what they consider "too large" but this is just what I've heard.
  13. i wonder if they keep track of waitlisting. i'm like a serial waitlister lol.
  14. Wow!! I exchanged an Amarante inclusion bracelet because of a small white streak in it. The SA just looked at my receipt and handed me the new bracelet and took the old bracelet and didn't bother to ring it through the register!!! So technically, it wasn't tracked.... and then when I walked out, I realised that the new bracelet ALSO had the white streak!!!

    So.... I went to a third LV store to exchange it but the 3rd store had the Amarante bracelets but had a sign stating that it wasn't available for purchase until a certain date! But, the SA at the 3rd store checked with her mgr. and they were willing to exchange the bracelet for me but it turned out that their bracelets looked worse than the one that I already had!! So.... I kept my bracelet (that I had exchanged at the 2nd LV store)!!!

    Ok... so now here's the rest of the story..... a couple of days later I called my regular SA at the 1st store to ask her a question... during the conversation, she mentioned that the 3rd store had called her store to yell at the 1st store because they said that the 1st store was selling the inclusion bracelet BEFORE the release date! This was not true because my SA said that there was an LV memo stating the Amarante release date, and she had sold me the original bracelet on the exact release date! But the 3rd store for some reason thought the release date was later and had even posted a later release date!

    I felt bad and told my SA that I was the customer who had gone to the 3rd store to exchange my bracelet and she said that wasn't a problem... the 3rd store was wrong regarding the release date and she was going to call them to tell them to read their store memos more carefully!

    Yikes!! I just wanted a "perfect" inclusion bracelet! Didn't think I would cause a small war of words between two stores!!!

    I know my SA follows all of the rules because she never lets me buy an LV purse before the release date even though I sometimes beg her!! (:p)

    Sorry about the long post....I guess I got off track but I think that if a customer returns an item within the return period and the item is UNUSED, then why would it matter to LV if a customer returns it? The item was still saleable..... but I think it does help to have a regular SA who knows you because then if you have to return an item, the SA knows that the item you are returning is real and hasn't been switched with a fake. (Ok... I think that was a run-on sentence!)

    I'll stop writing now!!!

  15. i think for them it may be hard to tell if a customer used it once and then returns it (no patina etc.). but this is only for serial returners. i think if you return a few things over the course of several months, then you won't get black listed.