Does LV still have Pomme D' Amour items in stock?

  1. Or is it like a waiting list kind of thing?

    I just want to walk in & pick up a freaking CLES! lol :p

    Please let me know...greatly appreciated!!!
  2. I don't think you have to waitlist for the Cles unless it's sold out, maybe call them before you go in.:yes:
  3. the Pomme will stay around for quit a while, just the V-Day LE's need to be waitlist, such as the Coeur, flap pouch etc.
  4. on the fone right now!
  5. this is so bad. i have been saving up for a new bag and its taking too long & I just NEED to get a new LV piece to calm me down. lol! :roflmfao:
  6. pomme cles is a great way to dress up any bag! if your local store don't have one, ring up 866 and they should be able to locate one for you.
  7. Gosh, I hope you get your LV fix real soon!!! I know, it's tough! Hang in there!!
  8. Fingers crossed for ya! I saw the Pomme Cles's TDF:drool:

  9. hahaha. my own little support group. :roflmfao:

    i just called Saks/lv, they put me on hold for too damn long. I am just gonna go check it out today @ South Coast's LV. :sweatdrop:

  10. the cles is WONDERFUL! 1st time I saw the color I totally fell in :heart:!

    The red is sexy, bold & yummy.

    I dont really like any of the Vernis bags though. :sad:

    Just loooove ALL of the Vernis accessories!
  11. okay off to LV I go nowww...

    I hope they have it in stock. :sweatdrop:
  12. Good luck ! And I agree ALL the accessories look good in Pomme:love:
  13. yeah! good luck ticklemethu, i am hoping to see some pix when i return to this board later! lol
  14. There're plenty of them around.
  15. I hope you get one. When I was in LV last weekend, they had the pomme and framboise cles on display. I think that they had lots in stock.