Does LV sell the "exchanged bags"?

  1. When you make an exchange, does LV sell the bag?
    don't you think it could be a "second hand" bag?:s
    i used twice my Bucket, now i'm returning it, they still exchange it?
  2. As long as there is not a flaw....yes, they will resell it.
  3. Nope..there is a chance we will get that "second hand" bag..
    LV will not except the exchannge unless it's in saleable condition..

    I think somewhere down the line the SAs get to buy some items with their discount..
  4. Yes they resell exchanged bags. That is why they have such a STRICT return policy.
  5. That's ok! thank you! now i'm reassured:yes:
  6. Interesting - I wonder if anyone has ever been turned down in returning a bag because of condition. I'm sure if it a serious problem, they take it back.
  7. *nods*
  8. The policy is mentioned above. But in the case where they made a boo-boo and they obviously gave a bag that had a defect, they'll give you the new bag in exchange.

    The defect bag will either go to be destroyed immediately or if the problem is so minute, that it is not visible, it may go to the Personnel Sale (happens 2-3x's a year)
  9. Exactly what Poufiasse said!
    There's no way they'd take back a bag that's been battered to heck and put it back up for sale.
    It's just like a clothing or shoe store (good ones anyway); you can't return things that have been obviously worn. For example, no wear on the bottoms of the shoes or stains on the clothing, etc.
  10. i hate to say this but i have used my mini lin bucket once before i exchanged it..i am SO SURE that they will resell it..that's why sometimes forum members complain that some of their new items have flaws...

  11. I agree..i used mine too, but is flawless, still has the "new" smell, no stains etc..
    Rensky, did you say to SA's that you used once or you lied?:rolleyes:
  12. I have heard rumours that LV resells all returned items on
    that's why that website doesn't have all the items stated, only some.
    I wonder if it's true.
  13. i actually told them i used it once
    they still took it..of course they did the examinations and so forth

  14. Not true. Stores do not send returned, resaleable items back. They keep them in store and sell them. (according to my SA)
  15. I figured they resold them. Wouldn't it be nice if they sold them at a discount?