Does LV sell dust bags?

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  1. I've seen many items for sale without a dust bag (from eBay and Let-Trade, for example). For those who buy these LVs but want dust bags for them, what are their options? Does LV sell dust bags (I'm guessing no)? In that case, are you just stuck with having to keep your LV in, say, a t-shirt?
  2. Nah, but sometimes they pop up for sale on ebay. LV doesn't sell or give away dustbags (usually), on principle, because a lot of times, they can be included with fake bags and sold on ebay that way.
    I'd look on ebay though, I know some TPF members have sold theirs on there in the past :smile:
  3. Nope, LV does not sell dust bags, but if you have a good relationship with your SA you might be able to get one from them.
  4. Not for sale, but usually you can get an extra one from your SA.
  5. I see a bunch on eBay... how do I know it's authentic?
  6. :nuts: Really?

    Mine didn't even give me one WITH my purchase:crybaby:
  7. My SA gave me one :biggrin: and I didn't even ask....

    I think you can buy shoes dustbags tho....I think they're 100$ or something??? But I don't know if their the same as the dustbags for the bags.....
  8. Here are some that appear to be real, by doing this search:
    eBay - louis vuitton dust bag, Women's Accessories, Handbags, Clothing, Shoes Accessories items on

    eBay: LOUIS VUITTON DUST BAG 17 x 22 for HANDBAG DUSTBAG (item 220051971311 end time Nov-28-06 16:45:01 PST)

    eBay: New Auth. Louis Vuitton LV dust bag 7.5"x 11.5" (item 150061013054 end time Nov-25-06 23:23:04 PST)

    eBay: HOT BUY! LOUIS VUITTON ENVELOPE DUST BAG***LARGE*** (item 110059144765 end time Nov-28-06 23:42:05 PST)

    Most of them look pretty good though, if you have questions on a certain one, you can either PM me or post it in the authentication thread. :smile:
  9. If you have a good relationship with you SA and you bring the item in and it's real they'll usually give you one.