Does LV reline their purses?

  1. Hi! I'm visiting from the H forum and had a question about a beloved Epi bag that's starting to croak on me. It's 4 years old.

    The exterior is fine however the textile interior is starting to age badly (textile lining is starting to fade drastically in color and becoming beyond threadbare). Will LV reline the bag for a nominal fee? Or should I prepare myself for its enevitable demise and start looking for a new bag? TIA!:flowers:
  2. Hello! Yes, LV can replace the lining for a fee. What bag is it may I ask? 4 years is still very young...
  3. Hello! I have a petite bucket that I just took in to get relined, the SA quoted me $75. Apparently it is suppose to be $100, but since I was quoted $75 that is what I will be charged. HTH!
  4. lol speaking of re-linning bags...

    My mum relined her Chanel shoulder bag a few years ago. She only told me the other day. I wanted to cry, the lining she put in there is so weird looking lol. She is crazy!
  5. Thanks, gals. You've made my day. I have a Dhanura PM in Moka Epi. They don't make it anymore.
  6. Good! I was wondering the same thing, cause my Mandarin Epi Noe is starting to get a little dirty around the top edge, where I reach in and out a lot, one day I'll want to have her relined.... glad I can do this! yea!