Does LV really destroy overstock and irregulars?

  1. I've read in some threads of tPF and I read that some of the factories that have overstock and are supposed to destroy the items actually don't and sell them in markets. I had always thought that they were destroyed... but at the same time when the Perfo line was intorduced, it was discontinued, and then brought back... and I heard the same thing happened with the monogram mini??

    Like that's cool that they're bringing them back and they weren't destroyed because that gives the people who missed out the first time a chance to purchase them again, but I'm just curious, does anyone know FOR SURE or is everything all heard through the grapevine?

    QUESTION: are the overstocks destroyed? and has anyone heard about the LV India plant?
  2. I have heard this numerous times and agree with it completely... keeps the brand exclusive IMO :smile:
  3. I read that this was true because they want to keep the brand exclusive.
  4. I can't imagine overstock items being destroyed. Irregular, maybe, but not overstock.
    Surely Vuitton keeps them or at least gives them to their employees?

    Somebody mentioned in that in the MarcJacobs Louis Vuitton DVD, in one scene, everybody on staff was wearing previous season's Vuitton. I'd imagine they were all carrying Vuitton also.

    Remember, that they aren't a giant automated factory, so much as large workshops, where people work on all items by hand with machines to sew, cut, finish etc. Manufacturing at Vuitton is tight, streamlined and PLANNED to the smallest detail, so I can't imagine there are massive airplane hangers in Asnieres filled to the brim with dusty leathergoods (or ready-to-wear for that matter).
  5. Items stay in the stores or on Eluxury until they are sold. That's why you can still find the discontinued items in some of the stores.

    LVMH apparently has some dealings in India, but there are no LV factories there. LVMH owns other brands besides LV, so their business in India may not have anything to do with LV.
  6. Yes, they keep the items in store until they sell out. I have heard that they destroy damaged/irregulars.
  7. Yes, from what I understand, the discontinued items are transferred from store to store for a few years (i.e. given more than ample time to sell). If they do not sell, they are sent to the once yearly employees only sale. What doesn't sell here is destroyed. It's quite rare that anything is destroyed though; one, LV rarely ever OVERproduces items and two, they are offered to employees at such a deep discount that items are usually snapped up at this time. I would imagine that the RTW items are destroyed far more than the bags and accessories are.
  8. It's sad to think that ANYTHING LV (except bad fakes) gets destroyed !
  9. Yup. I've heard the thing most often destroyed are shoes from an SA in Hawaii.
  10. the Perfos and Mini Mono items that resurfaced are not new stock. they're the remaining stock that gets redistributed to other boutiques to sell. they keep items on the shelves for as long as possible. then those that just won't budge are offered to their employees at about 75% discount or something. the only items they certainly destroy are the faulty ones that have been returned.
  11. When LV messed up the heat stamping on my ipod case (they did it upside down) it was sent to France to be destroyed. Incinerated, I think the SA said, but don't quote me on that one.
  12. Nooooo.. !!! Poor Ipod case !
  13. I know!!! I was nearly in tears. It was the first ipod case that I had seen in ages, so I literally grabbed it, paid and requested the heat stamp. They did it within 10 minutes, packed it up and I left the boutique, I got on the train, travelled for 40 minutes, then I thought I'd try my new ipod case, as you do. Much to my dismay, it was upside down. So i hopped off the train and got on another one going in the other direction and returned it. They didn't have anymore ipod cases in stock to replace it with though.:crybaby:
  14. Yes, I believe LV does destroy irregulars. I read the book Deluxe by Dana Thomas this summer, and she goes into detail about what happens behind the scenes at LV, Hermes and even Prada factories. LV holds a very high standard of quality, so irregulars get destroyed.
  15. LOL.. even irregular's being destroyed makes me wanna have a memorial service.