Does LV monogram Canvas melt???

  1. I was wondering if anyone has had their LV melt, I have Damier and Monogram canvas, and I was in Las Vegas, it was really hot. We were outside for a while, and when I went inside, my bag was soooooo warm, I thought it was going to melt right off the handle.:sweatdrop: :cursing: :hysteric: I used my mono. speedy the next day and the same thing happened. Will the LV canvas melt? What about EIP? Any other warnings on really HOT weather?:sad: :idea:
  2. I don't think it would melt from being outside in hot weather. It's not vinyl, it's coated canvas. Epi is leather, so that definitely won't melt. It probably felt warm, because it's a dark color and dark colors absorb more heat/light from the sun.
  3. Um. No. :wtf:

    Miroir, on the other hand... :push:
  4. ughhhhh... everything melts, even diamonds if you raise the T high enough... But I doubt the canvas will turn into liquid at a mere 30-something degrees Celsius (i dunno what it is in 100F??? lol)
  5. I think that extreme temps are bad for vernis. I read it in the care book, but I can't remember the exact wording.
  6. Does really hot weather damage the canvas though? I know the sun can fade the print and patina the leather, but can heat damage the canvas?
  7. i am finding this very funny as a matter of fact! thanks!
  8. The canvas won't melt at Las Vegas temperatures. When the canvas gets warm it just gets more malleable. Think of it as ironing cotton. The heat from the iron makes the cotton softer.
  9. it's hot in vegas right now? or are you talking about summer time? but no, canvas won't melt...
  10. It is very possible that the heat/sun radiation may break down the pigments and cause the canvas to fade over time. Especially because canvas is a dark color I am sure it absorbs lots of light. I imagine this would be a very gradual process though. So don't let that stop you from using the bag! LV is meant to be used and even if the canvas slightly fades it only adds to the fun of your bag being uniquely your own, IMO.
  11. I have heard that you don't want to leave the canvas bags in a car on a hot day, because the concentrated heat can reach very high temperatures, but I don't imagine using the bags normally on hot days will melt them.
  12. Huh? Melt? No way.
  13. I wouldn't think that just on normally hot days that a bag would melt at all.
  14. I have never had a problem, even in the hottest weather.
  15. haha a melting bag (: