Does LV make this style?

  1. The shape reminds me of the Le Fab.
  2. And it's about the same size.
  3. Not identical... but sorta the same shape?

    Louis Vuitton
    Le Fabuleux
  4. Great minds think alike! :graucho:
  5. Yeah..Le Fab is as close as it gets, I think.
  6. And a hell of a lot nicer might I add!!!
  7. looks like an XOXO bag to but if you want me to stick with LV, I'd say that it looks like a fusion of a flattened MC Noe that stole the handles of Saleya......
  8. thanks everyone :smile:
  9. it looks more like the popincourt because of the shape the handels and the frindges...
  10. I don´t see any similarities