Does LV make BV in Azur?

  1. Yesterday evening, after my wb session, me & gf went to the shopping mall to have dinner, and I caught a glimpse of a middle-age women carrying a BV in Azur. Was wondering if its a fakie... but my gf said perhaps she custom-made it?? Anyone knows if LV does make BV in Azur? :confused1: So far, I did not come across any thread mentioning about it thou... jz wanna clarify my doubt. Thank Q! :p
  2. it was fake. they do not make it in azur, and since azur has only been out since november it cannot be special ordered yet. howevee they will be releasing the azur hampstead soon which will look similar but will have the gold plaque.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Dat was fast wor, vuittonarmour, haha ;)
  4. most likely it was fake. or she could have been a super VIP. if i'm not mistaken there was a thread mentioning how a VIP had a BH in damier made.
  5. Hay angel.. so u got ur ans ya... newbie here.. pls guide me along.. hehe..:yahoo::yahoo: