Does LV make a bag like a Coach Swingpack?

  1. I'm looking for something much like a Coach Swingpack,, the kind of bag you just toss a few things into, throw over your shoulder (or even across body) and GO! I LOVE (or is that LVOE?:heart:) my Baggy GM in Lichen, but at times it feels so darn heavy. Its what I NEED with me everyday, but sometimes I'd like to just ditch the wallet, etc. and run out of the house with only my keys and a credit card and a few other essentials.

    I have a Coach Outlet not far from me, so I can probably get a decent deal on a retired Swingpack, but I'd LVOE ;) that kind of a bag from LV!
  2. i was going to say the same bag!
  3. If you were me... would you buy that one? I'm not sure it looks that awesome.
  4. That is the closest to the Coach swing packs that I can think of.
  5. Maybe damier pochette Melville? similar shape...
  6. I have thought about this bag for the same function as you, but same as you, it doesn't wow me so I haven't gotten one. I have seen people with it and think it looks ok. I actually think the Coach Swingpacks are cute in the right colors. I already have a Gucci Abbey messenger that I use when I want to be hands free so I don't need one anyway.

    IMO I think a Tango with a long strap would be cuter than the pochette bosphore but would probably hold less.
  7. I dont think id get that one but I think the musette salsa with a long strap would be a good alternative if you are looking for a body bag.
  8. The Marly works for me instead of a swingpack.
  9. If you can't find one in LV why not go for a different brand?
  10. I agree with you guys! I don't htink the bosphore looks like a Coach Swing...