Does LV leather bags hold it's value well, such as SC, Capucines and Soft lockit?

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  1. #1 Apr 29, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2016
    Does LV leather bags hold it's value well, such as SC, Capucines and Soft lockit?

    Just wondering and is it worth buying them.
  2. I believe that they don't hold their value as much as the more popular canvas, but are worth buying if you really love the item.
  3. The "hold its value" notion matters only if you intend to or possibly might sell it. If it's your bag to keep indefinitely, it doesn't matter what a resale value is.

    I do think about resale value because I know I can get restless down the road, but I wish I'd only get lifetime keepers and stop!:biggrin:
  4. It may all depend on the size and color of the bag, but given these bags are quite expensive, I'd make sure you love the style and plan on keeping the bag for a long time as you'll like lose a significant amount of money should you choose to sell it. If you choose to sell to a consignment store, they take a hefty " cut", if you go the eBay route, you have to be wary of getting scammed... Last Fall I sold two Chanel popular, like- new leather totes and took a pretty big loss on both of them. They were in perfect condition and I had authenticity card, original receipt, Dustbag, box this isn't unique to LV leather bags. I didn't mind because I didn't like the bags, but now I make sure I love the style, size, color before purchasing my more expensive leather bags. No regrets with my current styles!
  5. I would say no. The way that I look at it (and this is just my opinion and based on the way I look at things), these bags are expensive to begin with so there is more limited population interested. For many outside of the tpf world just one LV bag is the dream. If I'm looking to buy a $4000 bag, I need it to be much less than new to buy pre loved. At $3500 I'd rather just get a new bag. Even at $3000, I would prefer to buy new. But if you are looking at a $1000 canvas bag, $500 (1/2) less would be a steal and unlikely. The bag would likely fetch $800-$900. Much more demand and the decrease represents more of a savings.
  6. The answer to your question depends on what percent back you think is "holding it's value". There are very few brands of bags where you will get most or all your retail price back if you sell it in the future.

    It's been my experience that more well known or "staple" bags keep their value better because over time people will still recognize those bags as part of that brand and want them, where if you have a bag that may be discontinued, it will be harder to find a buyer and thus even in a consignment buyout you will not get as high a percentage bag. However, with LV's, if i even get 60-70% back of my retail price, I found that good.

    Bags, in general, are meant to be luxury goods that are enjoyed and used and not investment commodities. The one exception I can think of is Chanel flaps, with their self imposed scarcity as well as constant very steep price increases, that if you bought a classic flap and held it in mint condition, you could possibly get what you paid for it back since the retail price may have gone up remarkably since then making what you paid a good deal. However, that's only getting your money back and you would have to wait a very long time to make any profit, which makes it an unreliable investment.

    Long story short, I think real estate is a better investment, by far.
  7. I would say no. I bought both of my SLs in brand new condition for 40% less than they would be in the store. Sucks for the original owner but it was a win for me. :tup:
  8. Absolutely not. Monogram canvas holds its value the best.
  9. No, they don't.
  10. +1
  11. no, not compared to other bags at that price point

    but I love my SL and hope to keep it for many years so that did not matter to me :biggrin: