Does LV include eLux when tracking our sales/customer profile?

  1. I know when buying in a boutique they pull up the name, and within a file of purchases . . .
    Do they merge this with eLux purchases?
  2. NO..or at least thats what the woman told me when I made a purchase last month at the boutique.

    She asked if I ever shopped with them and I only said elux and she said that they arnt on the same network or something like that
  3. That's strange. Because I finally had to give in to shopping on Elux and they had my information from my boutique.
  4. I've heard it isn't the same network....and that also includes sometimes shopping out-of-country.
    I'm not sure about 866....but I'm assuming it counts in your profile.
  5. It's strange to me that among the LV stores here, they do not share the customer database info! That's the impression I got, cos when I purchased from an LV store I have never bought from before, they did not have my contact details at all. I do hope that the LV hq here does have a consolidated record of my purchases :p
  6. I'm sure that they don;t share databases world wide, as when i was in Paris and Italy, i asked the SA whether they had my info and they said no.

    The SA in Paris told me that they don't share databases worldwide, and i've heard it's the same for elux
  7. most stores i have ordered or shop from seem to have my info, i know colorado did and i know seattle did because the number i gave them was my cell phone number and when i got my receipt it had my home phone on it. so she looked me up in the system. but elux, i dunno. i have only bought twice from them.
  8. No, unfortunately, the systems are only linked by business unit/region. Elux is their own system and they don't have boutique sales history (and vice versa). I've shopped in Hawaii and Paris and non of them are linked. Paris has all of my past Paris purchases, Hawaii has Hawaii, etc.
  9. Yea, as many others have stated, Eluxury has their own accounting system which is not linked to the boutiques.

    That is why you can't exchange/return Eluxury purchases to LV boutiques
  10. Nope, not linked. I wish they were though..I bought a few of my harder to find things on elux.
  11. No, each country is separate...
  12. I wish they would link too. It's bad enough that I don't purchase often but when I do, I want them to know! :push:
  13. Sadly, no. I wish they did though... :crybaby:
  14. didn't one tPFer mentioned she did exchanged Elux LV at boutique? Boutique can't track Elux purchases(or i'd be so much closer to VIC, lol), but LV do keep track of both, 866 was able to pull up my purchases from both Elux and boutique.
  15. Ah one of the few points where Canadians no longer have to curse the convenience of eLux ! :graucho:

    Too bad though eh ? Also, no international linkages. :sad: