Does LV Hire Seasonal Help?

  1. My best friend just got a seasonal job at Ann Taylor...only weekends. She thought it would be a great way to make extra money for the it got me thinking. I wonder if LV hires for the Christmas holiday? I know that tons of retail stores hire extra people just for the holiday season and wondered if they did...anyone know?
  2. i'd be interested in this too. i highly doubt it but you never know!!!
  3. I believe they do. We had one of the girls in here that posted she'd obtained a job with them for just the holidays.. I would try if i were you, good luck!!
  4. ~It doesn't hurt to try to put in an application:yes:don't forget to update us~
  5. They most likely do, but it's hard to tell how many, if any, people they'll be needing this year. Analysts are anticipating a dismal year for retailers which means less hiring of seasonal workers.
  6. Last year, I've met an SA in LV (Macy's -NY), who was a seasonal employee only. He said it himself, plus mentioned that he wasn't from NY & relocated just for the Holiday season. So I must imagine - not only LV hires temps, they're hiring outside the state as well. Good luck! & definitely let us know:smile:
  7. tempting!:nuts:
  8. oooo this sounds great!
  9. if my job weren't so demanding I'd def do it! get to play w/ bags all day :biggrin: and possibly a discount?
  10. ^^LOL!! I'd LOVE to play with bags all day too! LOLLL.. YEa, would anyone know what theLV discount is????? IM iN LOVE WITH THIER NEW LINE!!! THE MINI LIN CROISETTE!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: the Speedy 30!!
  11. this is what I've heard and i'm not sure so don't take my word on it..

    50% on bags up to 2k a year?
  12. ohhh :] that sounds like funn :]

    if only i was older
  13. I would love to work there!! That discount sounds amazing.