Does LV have Soulgne?

  1. Hello all. Does LV have a monogram canvas that is called Soulgne? What does it look like? Thank you much.:confused1:
  2. p10260949_ph_hero.jpg
  3. Yes. That's why I am confused. I just want to make sure that there is no soulgne model. Thanks.
  4. Hi Y'all. I am seriously debating whether to buy a sologne or not? What do you guys think? Anyone has one? Do you think it looks nice? Also, I just don't know if it is hard to open the bag or not?
  5. i like it in MC. :yes:
  6. I personally had it in mono and it doesn't hold very much altho it's a nice bag you can wear cross body for hands free shopping. I'm NOT a fan of it as far as look. There are so many bags that are more stylish. Up to you tho, thankfully we all have different taste or LV would always be sold out of the stuff we want! lol
    Let us know what you decide.
  7. I really like the Black MC Sologne!!
  8. In fact, I am thinking between Sologne and Alma? Personally I like Alma better but it's a little too big for travel (and it's not hand free unless I buy a strap). Since I was looking for something slightly smaller, I then I came across Sologne. Anyway, it's sort of reminiding me of my mom's bags, you know? Hmmmmm....I am still thinking.......
  9. I like the black MC too!!
  10. I think they're cute. I have the black MC one and while the strap is a little longer than I'd like, it holds a good amount of essentials! And it's not hard to open at all.
  11. i love the sologne in black mc. :smile:
  12. I like your black MC. However, I am thinking about getting a monogram canvas.
  13. i like the shape of the sologne.. and i also love it in monogram because it's so classic..
  14. ^
    That word would be pretty hard to pronounce in both french and english. O.o I don't think something like that exists and probably ducky's suggestion is what you're after. ^_^
  15. The MC is really nice.