Does LV have 2 different ways of stamping date codes?

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  1. Hi Tpf friends,

    Sorry if this thread doesn't belong here. I wasn't sure what category my question would fall under.

    Well, I was wondering if LV stamped their date codes in 2 different ways?

    Thanks you in advance.

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  2. it's the same stamping from the 90's
    the second pics looks like it's from an older version
    and the differeance is due to the age of the material
  3. But my sarah wallet in vernis grand bleu has the same stamping as the 2nd photo... and I bought it from my local lv store
  4. Are the datecodes from the same type of item?
    First pic is 1997, second pic 2001.
    Both are perfectly normal. LV have, over the years, used a variety of different colours with their datecodes depending on company changes, the material it is embossed onto etc.
  5. Yes

    mono toiletry in pm