Does LV has this shaped bag?

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  1. Hi,

    I am wondering, do you know if LV has this kind of shaped bag?

    The requirements are:
    - a bag that is similiarly shaped like picture
    - has a strap to go across shoulders

    Thanks! If not, can you recommend a bag that goes across shoulder, is smallish-medium size?
  2. vuitton musette?
  3. That bag in the picture is a similar shape to the damier illovo. I don't think the illovo can go across the body, but it is a shoulder bag.
  4. Vuitton has a lot of bags in that shape, especially indamier it seems. The naviglio might be something you want to check out also.
  5. I think the closest would be the musette tango or salsa
  6. i second the damier illovo. it totally reminds me of that shape.
  7. A musette would be pretty similar. Check out, you should find many styles there!
  8. I think it looks like the Illovo, but it wouldn't really be that great for a cross body bag. I'd go with a Musette.
  9. I would try the Louis Vuitton website for bag ideas.
  10. Yup, first bag I thought of when I saw that is the Illovo. The thing is that one end of the strap can detach so you CAN add a strap in between...but I don't know how that'd work out or if it'd even look that great!