Does LV give warranty on their keychains?

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  1. I've been salivating over a pastilles key ring, but im afraid it could break off pieces (im pretty careless with my keys) and i was wondering if anyone knows if they'll exchange them in LV if something comes apart???

    in swarovski theyll exchange it unlimited times if anything comes off their keychains, jw if LV has same policy either w keyrings or phonecharms..

    thankssss :P
  2. wow...good question ..I've wondered this too
  3. I'm sure LV will replace/repair if there's something wrong with the key ring. :smile:
  4. I've heard of people where they said tough luck, unfortunately. They can easily say it was damaged by the owner in a situation like this. I think I would pick something different if you are hard on things. The likelihood is not that they would replace it.
  5. It is really 50/50 with LV if they will stand behind their product which is really sad for the amount of money they charge.
  6. I have 2 Pastilles key holders/bag charms, and I'm not "careful" when I use them. They've held up very well. I use the bracelet style key holder on my Azur Saleya MM as a bag charm, and I use the key chain style on my Damier Ebene and Mono pieces for a little extra bling....
  7. I have had the Jack and Lucy Key chain for awhile, and lost almost immediately a few Swarovski .. To this day, it is bothering me because I take good care of my stuff. I never tried to ask for a repair, so please let us know, I am curious. Since that happened, I haven't bought any charms or Key rings from LV. $ 400 in a key chain that has such poor quality is a show stopper. :woohoo: note: I'm in love with the naif key holder.
  8. I've always wondered if it's safe to use an LV key chain as an actual key chain and not a bag charm. I have the insolence key holder, but I've only used it on my black epi speedy 25 as a bag charm (which brings in the two toned look, gold and silver accents). I have been tempted to use this as a keychain now since I noticed some "pitting" on some parts of the metal. I've never gotten the keychain wet or in humidity. I don't know how it happened. Maybe cause I live in Florida? I've only had it for 6 months and barely carry that bag with the charm.