does LV give their customer one week of honour or something?

  1. ^^ does anyone know? because i kind of regret not getting the azur pochette before price increase... and it was just the day before price increase i went to LV to return my shawl... and they asked me if i wanted to do an exchange... and i said no!! omg... i should have bought it then.. what should i do? will they still give it to me for the old price if i ask?
  2. In the US, you had 14 days to return, and I think 30 day for an exchange?
  3. I don't think so. I'm sure the new prices are now in the computer.
  4. oh no.. so i can't get the pochette for the lower price... =(
  5. I highly doubt it. Maybe if you know the manager, and have a good relationship with your SA. they might do it out of goodwill.
  6. It doesn't hurt to ask. Maybe you can find someone nice enough to do that for you because I know the SAs have the ability to give you the old price for about a week. A few days before the increase last time I went in to buy the Azur Saleya. However, they only had the display and one other new one. I wasn't happy with the workmanship on the new one, nor did I want the display which had already patinaed. I knew an increase was coming up in the next few days and they wouldn't get more for another week or two so I asked the SA about it. He was just a SA (not a manager) and he told me it was no problem and that he could give me the old price when the new shipment came. In the end, I didn't end up buying the Saleya because I came home with a speedy instead! =)

    Btw, have you considered buying from eluxury? I just checked the website and they have the old prices.
  7. they don't have the azur pochette... only the damier.. and i was wondering if the canadian pricing is the same as usa
  8. I was looking at the azur speedy two days before the price increase, my sa said that if I changed my mind that i could get it at the old price for about a week pending her manager's approval...but she said that it would not be a problem. definitely doesn't hurt to ask. good luck!