Does LV give refunds if...

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  1. I have a situation with my one month old Damier Speedy. The red interior of the bag has coloured my white wallet and white make up pouch. The wallet looks so bad and I can´t use it and I really loved my wallet :sad:

    So my question is does LV give some kind of refund for the damaged items (wallet and pouch are not LV) because the Speedy turned the edges all red? I actually don´t really care to exchange the bag but I could really use some discount or something if I decide to buy a LV wallet?

    Do you think this could be possible? If not, what should I do?
  2. Sorry, don't think so. It's worth asking though.
  3. I doubt they will give any discount or refund, especially since your wallet and pouch are not LV, sorry. If you decide to go shopping for a new LV wallet and something else, you might mentioned what happened and see what they say? Sorry this happened to you.
  4. Thank you :smile:

    This is just stupid. I would not buy a new wallet if the Speedy hadn´t damaged my wallet and LV doesn´t do anything?! They sold me a bag that coloured my wallet all red!

    I am really upset. But I don´t want to go to the store and ask if it´s impossible, that would just get me more upset. Damn.
  5. You could always call the SA who sold you the bag and explain what happened and see what he/she says. That way you wouldn't have to go into the store and get more upset, I'd rather call than go into the store myself,but that's just me......just explain to your SA what happened and maybe he/she might offer a suggestion or something??.......I'm not sure but it's worth a shot! Good luck!
  6. I don't think so. Guess they just will say that it is your responsebillity when putting something white inside a red interior... But can't cost anything to call them or dropp by, maybe they have some tips for cleanin it?
  7. LV never discounts anything, so you most likely won't have any luck there. Also, your bag didn't damage their wallets, but another brand's. Had this happened to a Vernis wallet, per se, they could fix that situation. The best they would do is give you really great service next time you come in (I called and complained once and since then I have been treated like royalty)
  8. You should ask LV to exchange the purse since the interior is bleeding onto other items inside the purse. Maybe exchange the Damier Speedy for the Mono Speedy. Doesn't hurt to ask LV and show them what happened. The interior should not bleed color.
  9. I don't think they will give refund or discount, but it won't hurt to ask them.
  10. You should definitely inquire with the boutique (like someone said, you can call ahead) and state what happened. It's only a month old and it shouldn't matter what brand of accessories you have inside your bag, you should have to "sacrifice" them to the LV gods just to carry the purse you like.

    Besides that, I thought it was only the older damier speedys that had this problem?...
  11. I don't think they will do anything. Sorry that happened!
  12. I agree,I too would either call my SA who sold me the bag and raise holy heck or call 1- 866-vuitton...I am not sure if they would do anything, however what is the worst they can say I would for sure try...I am VERY sorry you are going through this..please keep us posted .I would love to know what they do--- if you do call ..good luck!!
  13. Thank you all so much for your advice!

    I don´t want Speedy in Mono and I just love my bag so that´s not an option.

    The thing that really upsets me is that some other store would do somethig about this in a heartbeat if they had sold something that was "bad" and did something to my things. They would give giftgards or something, just to keep the customer satisfied and coming back.

    When I pay a big money I expect the itom to be good, not to distroy my things. I have to spend money now, because of my bleeding Speedy.

    I don´t want to go to the store and demand some refund if it´s not something they would really consider. I reather just ignore this and be upset silent :s
  14. One thing I thought of as I was reading these replies...when I bought my bag this weekend, the SA said any "cheap" fabrics with "extra dye" in them will bleed on the vachetta. So this implies LV uses cheap dye on their lining that has extra dye.

    It doesn't help you, I know. What a bummer. :sad:
  15. while you will not get a refund or credit. you can take the speedy in and see if it is up to standard, ask about the bleeding. if there is something wrong with the speedy, now is time to take it in for repair or exchange. i have light blue journal, leather from hermes and never had any color bleed issues...

    as for your other wallet, you should post a pic here and what the non-LV wallet is made of. it may be something as simple as using a baby wipe so clean it. and clear unscented hand soap is actually a powerful stain remover, i used some to remove an ink stain from my Hermes leather notebook.