does LV ever have sale?

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  1. i am new to LV, does LV ever have sale?:p
  2. never, i wish they do. The only 'sale' there is, is for their employee who's been there 6 months or longer, they get the most discount on RTW and handbags next. There are $ limit of how much they can purchase, as well as restrictions such as off season items only.
  3. No sales ever and there are no LV discount outlets. Only price increases a few times during the year. However, the Batignolles line did have a price DECREASE about a year ago which took everyone by surprise. And, of course, I bought the Batignolles Horizontal at the higher price several months before the price decrease for the line. Since, the decrease, the Batignolles line has had at least one or two price increases.
  4. They never do. *SIGH*
  5. I wish they do like Gucci but then LV won't worth as much as they do, so no sale.
  6. nope

  7. the french purse also had a price decrease of $100 it is $525 now and it was $625:tup:
  8. No and I'm glad they don't, because then my purchases hold up their value. Besides it'll be upsetting to buy something full price then it goes on sale later.
  9. I'm going to close this since this is asked pretty often and seems to have been answered.
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