Does LV ever go on sale? Are there ever coupon codes for elux?

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  1. I looked all around the forum and I haven't seen anything. Before I got to this message board I never knew about the Gucci, Chanel, or Coach sales. So does Eluxury ever give out coupon codes or anything? I know Friends and Family for Macy's doesn't work on Louis...but does opening a cc get you a discount? I'm dying to buy the Mini Lin Speedy but I really can't spend the $675 especially since I've purchased so many other things recently! Any help is appreciated. :smile:
  2. No sales ever. I don't think the coupons from elux work on LV either...I definitely wouldn't open a CC just to get a bag, either. I don't *think* LV is included in there but if it was, it would be much better to get the bag when you can afford it. It'll make it so much better when you can! Plus, I believe Mini Lin is permanent so it'll be around for quite awhile in the future.
  3. No, Louis Vuitton does not go on sale. I have heard before that it does go on "sale" in some Asian countries, but I am not 100% on that.

    I don't shop on Elux that much, but I don't believe that they really ever have discount codes...The most I have ever seen was for free shipping or for free overnight shipping
  4. I've never heard of LV's on sale.

    I just bought the Min Lin Speedy. Love it.
  5. So unfair! lol. You're right. I should save up the money and get it when I can afford it but I just drool over that bag everytime I walk past it! I guess I can't really complain about it when the other bags I want right now are well over $1000. LV isn't planning on doing any price increases that we know of, right? lol
  6. LV never ever goes on sale. That is what a lot of people including myself love about LV, you don't buy a bag then 3 months later see it on sale and want to smack yourself!
  7. No LV sales. Instead, we get hit with price increases!
  8. LV never goes on sale. However, if you buy from eluxury AND do not live in CA or TN, you can have no sales tax added to the purchase price! (Eluxury's call center is located in San Francisco, and I think their distribution center is in TN, so that is why sales tax would be charged in CA and TN but not any other state.)

    Eluxury is having a "free shipping" right now with code: SOHO.

    I just found out that the daughter of one of my co-worker's works for Eluxury in the advertising area! She writes descriptions for the products that are sold on eluxury. Cool job!
  9. This topic has been covered a few times in the past, so perhaps try using the search feature above next time. ;)
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