Does LV clothing go on sale?

  1. Yes, I know this is a tacky question, BUT...there is a really amazing pair of Vuitton "booty shorts" that I refuse to pay $570 for. That's why I'm curious if the clothing ever goes on sale (since the accessories never do). Does anybody know when they go on sale. PLEASE forgive me for my silly question, but I thought it would be better to ask on the board than ask an SA. THANKS!:love:
  2. Nope LV never put their items on sale not even cloths and shoes. Company policy, weird isn't it but I guess they do this keep the brand artifically high.
  3. A SA in Dallas told me that the summer shoes will not go on sale, and that the ones that do not sell will be sent to Paris around the middle of the summer. So, if you want something you'll have to get it before the fall merchandise gets here!
  4. Never, ever.
  5. NOPE!!! NO SALES the only sales so to say are the one's given to the employees! The sales are HUGE!! my $2k runway jacket I bought in March, if there are any left at the time they decide to pull it off the floor, it can be bought by employees (same goes for limited lines like perforated ect..) they can literally get my jacket for under $100!! YES believe it!
  6. Once the seasonal things are pulled, employees are the first to get dibs on it! They also have a maximum of $700 to spend at the store... but because of the HUGE savings, $700 can go a LONG way. I believe when the CERISES line was pulled an employee got a speedy for around $85? yeah... lucky employees! but if your store doesnt sell the clothes that YOU work at you miss out lol but u do get to hit on the bags and shoes that are seasonal!
  7. they get that much of a discount??? OMG, im so jealous.
  8. well that just stinks:hrmm: I guess I need to get a job at Vuitton, cuz I am NOT about to drop $600 for these shorts...maybe I can make friends with one of the SAs:roflmfao:
  9. They get an all year round 30% discount I was told and every couple months they have sales for the employees only which is usally for leather goods and shoes... certain styles only go on SALE for men and women. My SA shawn bought 4 pairs for $50 each! regular $450.00
  10. :shocked::shocked::shocked:
    not 2 be believed