Does LV cherry blossom bag still suit a 33 year old- lady?

  1. Hi all !

    I am new comer and need your advice for my new choice..I am so in love with cherry blossom papion but wonder whether such a cute bag still suits me, 33 year old-woman.:rolleyes:..the other choices are dark color epi line and black Chloe paddinton. Please help me to decide..

    Thanks much !:flowers:
  2. Absolutely!!!! It's not time to bring out the polyster pants yet! LOL I'm 35 and I just quit carrying CB when I was your age.....only because I had to sell to fund other bags. LOL
  3. hey i'm 33 too~~~!!!! and we're still young!!:p

    and i still like CUTE stuff!'s A-OK!!!;)
  4. I think it would be perfect for someone your age. I was at the mall this afternoon and saw a woman in her 50's using the Mono Papillion 30 and it looks amazing on her.
  5. Absolutely!!! Stick with the cherry blossom!
  6. I'm not going to be popular, but I think the bag is a little too "young" even for me (and I'm not yet 30). I LOVE LOVE LOVE the CB, but I have decided to indulge myself in the wallet instead of the full-on CB bag. Maybe I'd feel differently if the CB bags came in one of the classic styles, like the Speedy or even a bucket tote (like Cerises did), but the Retro and the Papillon are, IMO, very "young" looking bags even without the blossoms on them. Young bag + young print = overkill. Just my own opinion, though!!!!!
  7. Do we have to stop using anything "cute" once we reach a certain age? I certainly hope not. If you like it, use it! I couldn't afford LV when I was younger anyway! Bring on my WaterColor Papillon!
  8. I think so. Charlette on SATC carried one and it looks great on her. What colour combo were you gonna get? I'm partial to the Red/Cream.
  9. I agree, if you love it then you should carry it, especially if it makes you happy!
  10. I'm a few years older than you and will NEVER stop using my CB. I think your age is just perfect for it.
  11. i'm almost 30 and I carry a CB pochette, as well as a cerises (see my sig). some ppl may think it's weird, but i don't care..the bags are just too cute not to have. :smile: i say if u like it, go for it! who cares what others think :biggrin:
  12. I am 35 and I just bought the brown/pink CB retro and I really like it. I don't think I am too old to use it and this was the first bag that my Mom went gaga over. I plan on having this bag forever, it's unique and fun.
  13. I'm 38, I dress funky and love cool bags. I would totally rock a CB bag if I had one!!!!!
  14. It totally suits you! IT is whatever you like!
  15. I sure hope so since I'll soon be 33 and just got one last year!