does lv cancel to release the shearling ??

  1. does the lv decide not to release it ??
    i went to the vuitton store on jakarta, singapore, and hk
    and i didn't see it on the stores :shrugs:
    what is going on anyway ??
    thanks for the infos ;)
    Shearling bag.jpg Eye candy.jpg
  2. hmmmm. I though I saw a person who bought it on the forum somewhere.
  3. It was released but it's not the type of bag you will see on shelf, most would have gone to waitlisted customers as it was a limited edition, if you go to a store you will have to ask for it specifically as it will mostly likely be kept in the back room, call around oyou may be able to find one I saw one a couple of weeks ago it's huge
  4. it's probably quite limited. And, Hong Kong is not the place for LE pieces to just sit on shelves...they go pretty quickly...
  5. hey I SAW it today at LV @ HIlton, Singapore when I went down to purchase my Xmas gift for myself. Its on the display and I think its for sale! Its been there for a couple of weeks!
  6. It is definitely released. Like LA said, you have to specifically ask for it, they usually keep this in the store because it is fragile and pricey. You wouldnt want it on the shelves and people touching and trying it out for fun and ruining it. I have seen it a couple of times just recently.
  7. I've seen both at my store in Natick, MA in the display case.
  8. i saw the shearlings at Crown Store @ Melbourne last wed
  9. yup i saw the bags too at raffles hotel singapore. i think you have to ask for it, than they will bring it out, if they are still around that is.
  10. Beverly Center store has sold them out to VIP cutomers already.
  11. The Thunder & Storm shearling bags are both out on display at the store here and have been for a while:yes:
  12. Congratulations.
  13. They sure have been; I think the store is disappointed they're still sitting there despite being uncovered at the event. Fly to Brisbane if you can! :p
  14. :confused1: