Does LV boutique tells you the authenticy of your wallet?


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Jul 15, 2010
I am new in TPF. I purchased the Sarah Wallet Monogram Etoile from eBay and the sellers said this is the Authentic wallet that is missing one nail in the lock. She showed us the receipt. I received the wallet with dust bag and box. I brought it to the boutique last week for repair and they took the wallet and told me it will takes 4 weeks for repair. I was so happy because I thought the wallet is authentic since they took it. But after 4 days, they called me said this wallet is not their product. I contacted the seller immediately and she insisted that the wallet is authentic. I gave the wallet to many of my friends and they all said it pretty much looks like an authentic wallet (the wallet has date code). Sorry for too many typing but I really need to know if this is true that LV will tell the authority to customer(I was told they not)? Or this might be the excuse that they don't want to or they can't repair the wallet since this is the new product?
If any one can help me thanks a lot!!


Jul 20, 2009
LV will not officially authenticate bags or items bought from another source HOWEVER they will tell the customer that the fake item is not their product when it is asked for some repair work. They will repair authentic LV products.

Can you post pictures of your wallet & auction link in the ? Let the ladies there confirm and then file SNAD with ebay or paypal. Good luck.