does LV bags limited edition appreciate?

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  1. Hi, I'm just wondering if LV bags limited edition appreciate / increase in value over time? If yes, can you guys give me an example of how it appreciates?
  2. I would say that they do appreciate. An example would be the stephen bags. There is still a very hot demand for them even though they were launched a while ago.
  3. From what I've seen they do not. Even though they may be priced higher that the orignal retail that it utimatley not what they will sell for. I think the prices are higher compensate for LVs numerous price increases.
  4. None of the more recent ones have- I'd say the last collection that's maintained or increased in value is the cerise line. The perfo, groom, charms, Olympe, etc. are all selling at below retail. Miroir is pretty much the only exception.
  5. how about the murakami cherry blossom retro? does it increase in value?
  6. and also the tanger mini lin cabas (with initials) bag? do they also increase in value?
  7. ^The Tanger is going for less than retail and is really only attractive to a narrow audience. The CB retro is worth about $1k at the moment- not sure how much it retailed for.
  8. depends

    cerises have appreciated quite a lot, ive seen bags selling on eBay for more than double retail cost
  9. I just want to say - don't buy LV as an investment. Buy it because you love it!
  10. ^ i agree. the fact is when the line is selling (or for that matter when the waitlist is happening lol) no one can predict 100% the future demand of the items -> and therefore the future selling price of the items on 2nd hand market.
  11. the Tanger retailed for $975, I think it might be still available.
  12. I find that the limited items have the highest value when it first comes out (Eg, miroir speedy on eBay selling for a lot more when the bag first came out), then the prices will taper off depending on availability. The bags won't really appreciate, though some will if you don't use it.
  13. It depends on the bag & condition I bought my cb pap pre loved & I paid over retail that's a good line for holding value but it all depends on condition.
  14. It depends on the design and its popularity and also a certain extent on scarcity and whether or not it was on the runway. Murakami lines I think hold their value the best, at least that's how it's been so far.
  15. it all comes down to economics 101, supply vs. demand lol