Does LV authenticate in stores?

  1. Hey...

    I never bought a LV on eBay, because I'm always too nervous that I might be fooled...
    But as I want to have a GRAFFITI Pochette, I think I'll have to take that risk :weird:
    I might be a little paranoid, but I definetly would want to have it authenticate by LV, also if it looks real to me - otherwise I could not enjoy it, I think.
    Is it possible to get it authenticated by LV? Do they do this directly in the store??? Or do I have to go there twice? And is this a free service?

    Maybe someone knows? :wondering
  2. My SA at the LV boutique in Union Square/SF, says that they are not allowed to authenticate bags - poo!
  3. well here they do that. someone I know bought a pochette from ebay and brought it to the shop to have them look at it. it was real.
  4. Dankeschön :amuse:
    As I'm living in Germany, too, that's good news to me!

    EDIT: @angelblake: Wie lang hat es denn gedauert, weißt du das?
  5. öhm gar nicht lang, wir sind rein und die haben bestätigt, daß es echt ist!

    (hope it isn't rude to talk german briefly)
  6. I don't think they will "AUTHENTICATE" it with a certificate or anything. But I purchased my LV Speedy and took it in to get it checked and the Rep in there looked at it and told me that it was Authentic!

    It was free granted it was only verbal but enough to put me at ease! :smile:
  7. Thanks so much for the answers!
    I don't need to have a written statement. It's just for me, to be absolutely sure. I would not want to use a bag, if there are some doubts in my head... :shame: eBay often scares me :sick:
  8. yea they can tell you if they think it's real or not... some SAs really don't know what they are talking about so it's always good to get a 2nd SA to tell you if it's real or not.
  9. They will authenticate in LV, NYC.
  10. eva.. before you buy from ebay... post pics here so someone can help you look at it.. there are alot of experts on this board! they certainly put my mind at ease when i bought an LV from ebay.