Does love grow?

  1. LadyBo, you are absolutely right. When spending that amount of money, I wouldn't have been happy to compromise.

    Not sure when I would be able to choose it for myself though :sad: as I don't live in the UK anymore, and I wouldn't be able to get to the NY stores anytime soon. And, with all the price hikes, I am not sure that I can afford it when I do get there!! Oh well, guess I can see it as more money to spend elsewhere :graucho:
  2. Always see the positive!
  3. Hi MMoos. Bottom is pvt too. It is wonderful. My love is definitely lasting! But I agree with you that you should look outside of M to weigh up your options!
  4. Thanks, Nic75, for the info. Much appreciated.
  5. It is very strange that a customer is wanting a bag, and yet the result is no bag!
    I do hope you'll find another lovely bag for when you go back to work. And we'd all love to see it revealed ;) Longchamp might be worth looking into =)
  6. I know, TheaBerry...I guess it is just one of those things in life. But I guess I can't blame Gillian, she had tried so hard...I must be a difficult customer to please.

    It is also a little ironic, I got the official notification today that my revised PhD thesis has now met all the requirements for the degree, and of course, I bought the Bays as a reward for successfully defending my thesis. So, I got my degree but no bag.

    Anyhow...thanks for the suggestion, TheaBerry. Is there a particular bag that you would recommend from the Longchamp line? Finally...I might still have a Mulberry reveal coming up (if I can figure out how to attach pics!!) :graucho::smile:
  7. Many congrats on your PhD!! So sorry there's no bays to celebrate with you. Stupid Mulberry. I'm so happy I've (almost) bought all bags I need for years and years!

    Ooh, a reveal - fab! You certainly deserve it =) Just downsize in iPhoto and upload via the paperclip ;) Sara revealed her new Longchamp recently, fab bag!
  8. Thanks, TheaBerry.

    Mulberry really needs to tighten up their QC if they want to continue selling their bags, especially at those prices.

    Thanks for that link to Sara's does look gorgeous. I keep trying to keep up with the Mulberry chat thread and the non mulberry purchases thread, but the pace of posting keeps outstripping me.

    The Mulberry bag is on its way to me at the moment, so when I get her, I will upload pictures. She is preloved but in mint I am hoping that my issues with Mulberry is over, and I can just enjoy the love again...:girlsigh: