Does Louis Vuitton store verify 2nd hand bag for you ??

  1. I was wondering whether LV stores can verify a bag for you ? or do you have to go in and "ask" them to repair the bag and see what they say ? My friend told me they will look at the bag that u want to "repair" and if its fake they will say they won't do it because its not authentic, but if its real they will accept it for repair ?
  2. Yeah I think you can. I had heard that they stopped authenticating in store but some people have still had it done, if not, you can always try having them repair it or something. Maybe have them clean it?
  3. If you not a regular customer, most stores are now refusing to do it....especially if you go in simply to ask for authentification.

    As LVbabydoll suggested, better bet is to go in and ask for a minor repair, then they will tell you if it is fake.....also remember, they will never put anything in writing.
  4. I had my CB pochette authenticated in the Chicago store about 2 years ago. I had never been in the store before. But they didn't have any problems with it, and the store manager did the authentication.

    But asking for a minor repair is a great suggestion. I'll have to remember it if I buy another used piece.
  5. I've only brought one think in for authentication before, but that was over a year ago and i've since then heard a lot of people say that LV will no longer do them. Guess it's just hit and miss... I agree with the taking it in for repairs to find out.
  6. i guess i will find out this afternoon :p
    i am actually selling my Musette to a lady and she wants to go into the LV store together to get it verified first. I got no problem with it because the Musette was purchased by myself at LV in Sydney. I just hope they will do it here in NZ.....
  7. I've taken a few in to in Indianapolis...another to a boutique in FL....and one to a boutique in OakBrook, IL. They seemed ok with checking them out. (all were authentic, thankfully so I wasn't embarrassed.) I did not ask for anything written because I knew they wouldn't do that.

  8. :confused1: LV Boutique does not do any verification for the bag anymore.
  9. I would be afraid to ask for authentification. Just the way they look at you when you enter the store..

    I dont really like going into the LV shops for that reason.
    I much more like ordering by mail.